Planet N°25

planet n°25


The center of gravity for youth social impact.


  • Absolute Magnitude — 15.1

  • Diameter — 3-6 kilometers

  • Inclination — 5.2 degrees

  • Eccentricity — 0.158

  • Period — 3.49 years

  • Semimajor Axis — 2.30


founder’s note

Honored to receive a dedicated planet, 32025 karanjerath, from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Society for Science and the Public, I wasn’t quite sure what to say or do with this incredible gift at first. It felt like more of a figment of my imagination, as I likely won’t see or step foot on this planet within my lifetime.

I’ve come to realize that the planet’s unattainable nature is the core of its value. We all need something to work towards over the long term — a star in the sky, a green light across the bay — it’s different for everyone. Some might say that it’s more realistic to strive for “whirled peas” than “world peace”, stating that pure harmony among nations is simply never going to happen. While they’re likely correct, this has never discouraged me. In fact, it’s had the opposite effect.

I’m not asking for perfection and I never will. Through my efforts with the United Nations, what I’m striving for is incremental, trackable, sustainable, and scalable improvements across industries and nations. This will consistently increase the quality of life among marginalized groups across the world. It absolutely can be done — and it’s already happening.

As I continue pursuing partnerships with impact-focused organizations to fuel the progress of three core values — youth entrepreneurship, STEM education, and energy sustainability — I’ve realized that what we all need is a True North mission statement. The embodiment of your values and efforts into one simplistic venture which can be measured and held accountable over the long run.

Planet N°25 is my North Star — the center of gravity for youth social impact.

Through storytelling, fundraising, consulting, and much more — I am actively leveraging this great honor to show youth around the world that if they reach for the stars, they absolutely will catch one.


Karan Jerath